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May 12, 2018

History of Russia in the Beginning of 20 Century Through Amazing Colorized Photos

From the start of the 20th century, Russia’s economic problems grew steadily worse. From 1900 to 1915, the country was facing virtual economic collapse and the industry was moving into crisis after crisis.

Shortages of materials and goods were growing worse and even the army lacked supplies and weapons. Whenever the Romanov Emperor Nicholas II ventured into war — such as in 1904 against Japan and in 1914 against Germany — millions of farmers were conscripted into the army leading to a serious shortage of manpower on the farms and fall in food production.

The First World War started in 1914 that changed completely the map of Europe and lead to the collapse of the Russian Empire as well. Emperor Nicholas II handled the power to the Temporary Government on February 27th 1917.

The situation was used by Bolsheviks who got popularity among soldiers and workers because of their populist slogans and charismatic leader Vladimir Lenin.

Bolsheviks revolted on October 25th 1917. It took four more years of Civil war for Bolsheviks to get control over the whole Russia.

To the end of this period Russian republic was completely devastated.

These incredible photos from Vacheslaw Peregoodow are colorized by planetzero that show a part of history of Russia in the beginning of 20 century.

Tea party, Russia, 1904

Gorki, Pirogov, Repin, Stasov, 1905

Leo Tolstoy, 1908

Gramophones and phonographs shop, Saint Petersburg, 1910

Tea party in Russia, 1910

 Shalyapin and Aleksandr Kuprin, 1911

 Emperor Nicholas II visits the 1st Army, 1916

Grigori Rasputin photographed in 1916, the year of his death

 Portrait of Vera Kholodnaya, Russian silent cinema actress, 1916

 Russian revolution, February 1917

 Admiral Kolchak, circa 1918

 Nikolai Romanov with his son Alexei, Tobolsk, 1918

 Leon Trotsky with his bodyguards in Civil war, Russia, 1919

Red Army, 1919

Soldiers of the Soviet Red Army at rest, 1919

Vladimir Lenin and other Soviet leaders celebrating the second anniversary of the October Revolution in Red Square, Moscow, 1919

Lenin speaking to red army troops leaving for the front, Moscow, May 5th, 1920

Vladmir Lenin and Josef Stalin in Gorki, 1922



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