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May 11, 2018

55 Incredible Colorized Photos of Beautiful Women From the Early 1900s

Photos of young women from over 100 years ago from The Library of Congress that were colorized by Rob van den Berg to make them more beautiful.

Young woman, wearing negligee, lying in bed, holding book

Allie Danish

Bessie Boyd

Cameron, V.E.

Campbell, N.

Carmody, C.

Catherine Schwarz

Creery, N.

Cunningham, M.

E. Luin

Edith Simpson

Edmonds, Evelyn

Edna Crawford

Ethel Cost

Ethel Ingham

Francis Bethune

G. Faith Stock

Gates, M.S.

Heffner, Mrs. T.M.

Jerome, L.E.

Kalb, Bessie

Lampton, Miss Photobomb

Lena Wilkins

Linton, Miss B.

Lottie Brooks

Louise Jackson

M. Smith

Mary Burch

Mason, Mrs.

McCoy, E.

Mira Higdon

Miss Allen

Miss Atwood

Miss C.E. Johnston

Miss Carrie Shaws

Miss Mink

Miss Shattuck

Model with flowers in her hair

Moore, Clara

Mrs. Feldman

Mrs. H. Dean

Smith, L.M

Springsteen, R.M.

Stephenson, Rita

Stewart, Louise

Tate, Miss M.C.


Unidentified woman

Unidentified woman

Unidentified woman

Unidentified woman

Van Matre, M.

Vesta. Lockwood

Wilmarth, Mabel

Woman model in profile with hand at bosom



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