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May 4, 2018

20 Cool Smoking Accessories From the 1930s Every Smoker Should Needs

For those of you interested in adding a little “flavor” to your smoke life, here’s a list of 20 coolest gadgets from the 1930s that will brighten your smoking experience and awesome one-hitters sure to do the job right...

1. Wireless Cigarette Lighter (Feb, 1930)

A cigar lighter attached to the automobile dash board is pressed until a red glow appears and can then be removed.

2. Double-Barrel Cigarette Holder (Nov, 1931)

We don’t know whether the cigarette manufacturers were behind this idea, but it might be a good idea for them to give away one of these new holders to all smokers. Just think how cigarette sales would jump if everybody smoked two at one time!

3. No More Rain-Soaked Cigarettes! (Aug, 1931)

Many are the inventions devised to insure a dry smoke, but it has remained for a clown appearing with a circus in England to solve the problem. An umbrella over the smoke keeps off water and a spigot drains off excess moisture.

4. Cigarette Is Lighted by Scratching End (Mar, 1931)

Cigarettes that light themselves without matches have been made before, but this novelty in a new form has just been introduced by a San Francisco manufacturer. Ten cigarettes are packed in a box, each provided with a tip of yellow composition. Scratched like a safety match, upon a special surface of the box, a flare results that lights the cigarette.

A strong wind does not interfere with the lighting, according to the maker. He claims his composition is free of objectionable taste in burning, overcoming the principal problem of other inventors who have sought self-lighting cigarettes.

5. Hat Is Latest in Cigarette Cases (Apr, 1932)

An “ammunition” hat designed with tuck in which are inserted twenty cigarettes, is proclaimed by stylists as the latest fad for co-eds. Wearing this hat, shown in the photo at right, the co-ed needs no longer go through the awkward motions of searching through a hand bag for her fags. All she has to do is to reach up and pluck one from her hat.

The cigarettes are arranged to appear like ornaments on the hat. The slots which hold the fags are made extremely rigid so as to prevent breaking.

6. Cigarette Holder Filters Smoke (May, 1932)

To make a cigarette holder that filters and cools the smoke, procure a small size corncob and a close-grained cork. Trim the cork so that it fits tightly into the bowl with about 1/4 inch of the cork projecting to make removal of stubs easy.

For a filter and cooler, place a small cotton wad and menthol crystals in the bowl. With a red hot iron burn a hole through the center of the cork to hold the cigarette. Then cut the cork in half, place the fag between the corks and insert in the pipe.

7. Smoking Now No Effort at All—Dispenser Gives You Lighted Cigarette (May, 1932)

Smoking is coming to be such a convenient matter that it is a wonder any of us can resist becoming insatiable cigarette fiends. The latest device to ease the labor of lighting up a fag is an electric desk dispenser which delivers one cigarette at a time, fully lighted and ready to smoke.

Shown in the accompanying photo, the dispenser holds one package of cigarettes at a time, and is operated by the easy pressure of the forefinger against a lever. The fag, with its end aglow, pops out of a little aperture at the side.

The dispenser is surprisingly small, and is designed to take the place of individual holders and lighters occupying twice the space.

8. New Cigarette Put Up in Waterproof Paper (Nov, 1933)

Accidental wetting does not harm cigarettes of a type just placed on the market, for the paper with which they are made is waterproof. In the test illustrated above, an experimenter held one of the new cigarettes in running water for three minutes. He then removed it and promptly smoked it as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Cigarettes made by the new process are said not to break apart at the tips from the moisture of the lips, a feature designed to appeal to smokers generally. Their waterproof characteristic, however, is expected to be especially popular among bathers and campers and in general they are designed to appeal to all who, for sport or work, are likely to be outdoors during inclement weather. The treatment to which the paper is subjected is said not to affect the aroma of the cigarette.

9. Whole Cigarette Factory Contained in Single Tobacco Can (Apr, 1933)

Add to your list of incredibilities this tobacco can cigarette factory, which nevertheless is an established fact, as our photo proves, though unlikely to cause stirrings of uneasiness in the council chambers of the country’s cigarette manufacturers. The invention is the creation of Dr. Edward P. Delevante, who has built a cigarette roller right into the bottom of the tobacco can. At the twist of a lever the cigarette pops out ready for use, with matches handy for lighting on the side of the tin.

10. Cigarette Ignites Like Match (Jan, 1933)

Because a smoker often has a cigarette but no match with which to light it, an inventor has developed a self-lighting fag which eliminates use of matches. The idea is unique in its field and should be received with favor by all tobacco users who have been caught in a similar predicament. The device consists of a container and its pack of specially prepared cigarettes. Each cigarette has an oxidized fiber ring added to the tip that ignites immediately, like an ordinary match, when the fag is rubbed on the side.

11. Guard Oil Field With Cigarette Lighter (Apr, 1933)

An electric cigarette lighter, shielded from the weather by a small roof, is an odd sight at a corner of a Beaumont, Texas, oil field. So dreaded a hazard is fire here that workmen are forbidden to carry matches. Violation of this rule is considered almost as serious an offense as it would be in a powder plant. To encourage its observance, the owners of the field installed the lighter, just outside the danger zone, for the convenience of employees who wished to smoke during the noon hour. As a result, the field boasts an enviable safety record.

12. Safety Holder for Fag Smokers (Mar, 1933)

For men whose wives complain about ashes on the rug, the invention of a Cincinnati, Ohio man will prove a great boon. This new “safety smoker,” as the gadget is called, consists of a small box like affair of light metal, with top and sides covered by a light screen. The fag is inserted and held as shown.

13. Cigarette Lighted by Glow (Oct, 1933)

No larger than a woman’s lipstick, a new mystery cigarette lighter works without flame or electricity. The smoker simply holds his cigarette against the porous top and inhales several times and this lights the smoke. The secret is that a blended fuel containing methyl alcohol is thus drawn through a porous pill containing platinum. Catalytic action, similar to that of platinum gas-stove lighters, causes the pill to glow and light the cigarette. Wind cannot interfere with the use of the lighter, which works if a cotton pad is kept saturated with fuel.

14. Machine Vends Single Cigarettes (Jun, 1933)

An easily operated vending machine which sells one cigarette at a time and yet complies with the laws has been marketed for use in public places. The fags are sold directly from the flat tins of fifty, and are made accessible to the buyer by the insertion of a penny in a slot.

15. Early Appearence of a Filter Tip Cigarette (Jul, 1936)

A new cigarette has a novel filter tip made of rolled, pleated paper. Besides protecting the smoker’s lips from the annoyance of loose tobacco ends, the rolled-in filter is said to provide a cooler smoke.

16. Invalid “Fed” Cigarettes on a Stick (Mar, 1938)

Because a patient with two broken arms was unable to hold a cigarette, authorities in a St. Louis, Mo., hospital devised the odd six-foot holder pictured at the right. A roommate lights a cigarette, places it in a hole in the end of the stick, and holds it to his friend’s lips. To raise his body for the purpose, he uses a support suspended above his bed, as shown. A nail in the end of the holder is used to feed the patient candy.

17. Cigarette Holder for Nudists (Jan, 1938)

Faced with the problem of carrying cigarettes when no pockets were available, a delegate to a recent nudist convention devised the holder shown at right. The leather case is strapped to the leg by means of an elastic band.

18. Tilting Ash Tray Eliminates Fire Dangers (May, 1938)

Equipped with a self-tilting mechanism, this ash tray makes it impossible for a cigarette to burn down so short that the weight of the over-hanging end causes the cigarette to over-balance and fall off the tray and burn the table or rug. If the cigarette is allowed to burn for any length of time while on the rest, its heat causes a spring within the tray to expand and tilt, thus dumping the burning butt into the tray. This tray in use eliminates not only the danger of damaging furniture as the result of forgotten cigarettes, but the possibility of fire from the same cause.

19. Keeps Smoke Out Of Eyes (Sep, 1939)

Wishing to read his newspaper without the annoyance of clouds of smoke getting in his eyes, an Englishman invented an ingenious device–a flexible cigarette holder of unusual length. Not only does it keep smoke out of the eyes; it also keeps tobacco particles from getting in the mouth. The idea may spread like wildfire–or smokers may find it too much trouble to bother with.

20. Rubber Case for Cigarettes (Jul, 1939)

Comfortable to carry, a new cigarette case of rubber is declared sufficiently flexible to conform to the body, but stiff enough to protect from damage the ten cigarettes it holds. To remove one, the elastic cover flap is drawn back as shown at right. When released, it closes of its own accord.

(via Modern Mechanix)


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