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May 4, 2018

What Time Is It? This Was Why the '80s Were All About Condoms!

According to the ad, every 30 seconds, the dial face flashed “TIME TO F*CK.” Every. 30. Seconds. Which meant that for the wearer of this watch, 58 seconds of every minute are for relaxing, eating, feathering your hair, whatever. But for two seconds a minute, it was that time. Time to DO IT.

Can you imagine how depressed its wearer must have been? There are layers of tragedy to this watch. Look at the woman in the ad. Her face is so condescending that she's already judging you just for reading it. It's almost like she was captured in the middle of a disapproving head shake.

The guy who bought this watch must be so self-loathing that he reminds himself that he's not having sex 120 times an hour, 2,880 times a day. What greater punishment could this person have than the one he was already inflicting on himself?

(via Cracked)


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