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March 16, 2018

These 19 Hairstyles of the 70's Beauties You May Want to Try Once At Least

Like the preceding sixties, the seventies was a diverse decade for hairstyles.

New styles were being created throughout the decade. There was a lot of experimentation and hair was sometimes a direct expression of the times.

Women's hairstyles in the 1970s

Women's 1970s hairstyles varied from long, soft and feminine to short, edgy and androgynous.

Take a look at these 19 hairstyles of the 70's beauties that you may want to try once at least.

Marisa Berenson, 1970

Angelica Huston, 1971

Gunilla Lindblad, 1971

Lucy Angle, 1971

Therese Bohlin, 1971

Anjelica Huston, 1972

Ann Schaufuss, 1972

Ingmari Lamy, 1972

Racquel Welch, 1972

Lauren Hutton, 1973

Brigitte Bardot, 1974

Charly Stember, 1974

Karen Graham, 1974

 Lisa Taylor, 1974

Lauren Hutton, 1975

Anne Holbrook, 1976

Cheryl Tiegs, 1976

Joan Severance, 1976

 Maria Hansen, 1979



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