March 15, 2018

40 of the Sweetest Candid Photographs of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera didn't have a fairytale romance. They met in 1928, got married in 1929, hardly lived happily ever after in the Blue House. He was twenty one older than Frida and cheated on him but still they couldn't split. They tried for a year or so and got back together in spite of their mutual infidelities.

Frida used to say she went through two big crushes: the bus and Diego. They were such a wild match, passionate, chauvinistic, we can tell by the photos. Unfortunately Frida couldn't give birth, as it shows in her paintings.

There's no formula for navigating love — and their relationship reflected that. Even when Kahlo died, Rivera maintained an undying connection to her. “July 13, 1954 was the most tragic day of my life,” he said. “I had lost my beloved Frida forever. Too late, now I realized that the most wonderful part of my life had been my love for Frida.”


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