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March 29, 2018

56 Incredible Colorized Photos That Revived 'Russia During WWI'

These incredible photos were colorized by Olga that show Russia during World War One.

Shell hole, 1914

Colonel Grigory Kuchin, 1914

General Aleksei Brusilov, circa 1914

Michael A. Dashkov, Captain of the 9th Russian Army under the command of General Lechitsky, November 19, 1914

 Portrait of a Russian nurse, 1914

 A young lieutenant with the Order of St. Vladimir, 1915

Grand Duchess Olga at a hospital, circa 1915

Military pilot Ensign Vasily Vishnyakov, 1915

Observer-pilot sub-lieutenant Dobrovolsky in his Deperdussin, November 1915

Russian aviator Pyotr Krisanov, circa winter 1915

Russian nurse, circa 1915

Russian soldiers, 1915

The widow of Colonel Grigory Kuchin Vera Ivanovna and her daughter Xenia and her son Constantin, 1915

A plane is in the air, July 14, 1916

Burial of a fallen russian soldier, 1916

Easter at the front, 1916

Russian nurse, 1916

Russian soldiers before the attack, 1916

1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death, 1917

The commander of the female 'Battalion of Death' Maria Bochkareva, November 22, 1917

Soviet delegation at Brest-Litovsk (sitting, l-r Lev V.Kamenev, Adolff A. Joffe, Anastasia A. Bitzenko; standing V. V. Lipskiy, P. Stučka, Lev D.Trotsky, Lev M.Karakhan), January 15, 1918

A russian couple

Alphonse Flavien Poiré, Russian and French military pilot, one of the two (except the Czech Karel Vashatko) foreigners, awarded four degrees of St. George's Cross

Full Cavalier of the Cross of Saint George

Full Knight of the Order of St. George Dmitry Kharyutin, commander of the 10th Company 398th Infantry Regiment Nizhnedneprovsky

Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana Romanov in a military hospital

Karel Vašátko

Maria Bochkareva, a Russian woman who fought in World War I and formed the Women's Battalion of Death

Maria Bochkareva, a Russian woman who fought in World War I and formed the Women's Battalion of Death

Portrait of a Russian ensign

Portrait of a Russian pilot

Portrait of a Russian sub-lieutenant, artilleryman

Portrait of Russian pilot, aircraft designer, and aerobatics pioneer Pyotr Nesterov

Red Cross personnel attending to wounded soldiers on a Russian battlefield during the First World War

Russian army

Russian cavalryman

Russian ensign, Northwestern Front

Russian Expeditionary Force in France

Russian girl with doll

Russian infantryman

Russian nurse Zinaida Malynich

Russian nurse

Russian nurse

Russian nurse

Russian nurse

Russian scout Alekseev and his sculpture of moist sand

Russian soldiers relax

Russian soldiers with Arisaka rifles

Russian soldiers

Russian soldiers

Russian Women's Battalion of Death

The captain L-T Lithuanian Regiment Bogutskiy with the Order of St. Vladimir 4 degrees with swords

The first Russian military pilot Evgeny Rudnev

The last projectile

Vasily Nimensky - Priest of the Vilna military hospital

Young Russian aviator


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