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January 19, 2018

55 Humorous American Postcards of Animals For Valentine's Day From the 1930s and 1940s

These American postcards of animals for Valentine's Day from the 1930s and 1940s are so humorous.

Hurry Valentine, Be Mine

Hi There! Please Don't Duck This Invitation To Be My Valentine

Hi! You're Just My Type So Let's Be Valentines

How About It - Will You Be My Valentine

Here's the 'Mane' Question - Will You Be Mine

I Am The Wiley Fox, Please Be My Goldie-Locks

I Can Picture You As My Valentine

I Can't Hide It! I Want You For My Valentine

I Get A Bang Out of You, Valentine - Please Be Mine

I Had To Say I Love You

I Will Not Let The Chance To Be Your Valentine Es-Cape

I'd Be Playful As A Kitten If My Valentine Was Smitten With Me!

If I Wasn't So Bashful, I'd Tell Ya I Love Ya

I'm After You In A Big Way Valentine!

I'm Dog-Gone Crazy Over You My Valentine

I'm Feline Blue So Say You'll Be My Valentine

I'm Just Mooo-oo-ny About You So Be My Valentine

I'm Makin' Cat's Eyes At YOU, My Valentine!

I'm MOO-ning Over You Valentine!

I'm No Dunce, I Know You're A Perfect Valentine

I'm Not 'A-Lion' When I Say-Be My Valentine Today!

I'm Not KITTEN When I Say Be My Valentine Today, You Are The Cat's Me-ouw

I'm Not Such a 'Donkey' as I Seem When I Bring My Heart to You. Valentine

In A Pinch, You're My Valentine

It Would Be Perfect Harmony If You Were My Valentine!

Just A Little Valentine

Love, Get In The Swim, And Be My Valentine!

My Arms Long For You, Be My Valentine

My Valentine, Do I Stand A Chance

Nothing PHONEY About This, Valentine, I Love You

Oh Valentine!

Picture Me As Your Valentine

Same Old Tune-Be My Valentine

The Verdict is You Must Be Mine, You're Just the Grandest Sort!

To You With Love, If I Don't Fall, I'll Fall For You

Valentine I Fell For You with a Bang

Valentine, You Just Can't Measure My Love For You

Won't You Be My Valentine

You Alone Can Mend My Heart, So Be My Valentine

You Can't Duck Out Of It - You're My Valentine

You Have A Weigh With You I'm Keen About Valentine

You're My MAIN ATTRACTION, Please Be My Valentine!

A Big Bear Hug For My Valentine!

A Little Cub Sends A Beau-Kay Of Love. Valentine

Be My Valentine Or Do You Prefer Some Other Thomas

Be My Valentine, Here I Stand And Yelp Wishing You Were Mine, Hear Me Call For Help, Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine, Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear - Let Me Call You Mine; I Have Many Hugs To Spare, For My Valentine!

Be My Valentine

Come Fly With Me

Don't Fiddle Around - Be My Valentine

Don't Slipper Way From Me 'Cuz I Want You For My Valentine

Don't Tell Me To Beat It, Be My Valentine

For My Valentine with Love

Hello Valentine, Everything Will Be Brighter And Lighter If You Will Be My Valentine!

Here's My Case In Brief, You'd Make A Dog-Gone Nice Valentine


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