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December 18, 2017

Amazing Vintage Photographs Capture Street Scenes of Dennistoun, Glasgow in 1974

Dennistoun is a district of the city of Glasgow, Scotland. It is situated north of the River Clyde in the east end of the city. It is made up of a number of smaller districts - Milnbank to the north, 'The Drives' in the centre of the area and Bellgrove below Duke Street to the south. In a 2004 census the area had a population of roughly 10,530. Although predominantly tenemental, the Victorian villas and terraces to the west (towards the city centre) illustrate part of Alexander Dennistoun's original plan for the whole area.

Unable to attract the middle-class residents intended by its original developers, it established itself as a respectable working class area for families. After the Second World War, the area's Victorian tenements were refurbished and extended rather than replaced with high-rise modernist blocks as in other working-class districts such as neighbouring Calton and Parkhead, and this, coupled with proximity to the city centre and Caledonian and Strathclyde universities, has contributed to its gentrification in recent years; many of its residents are now students and young professionals.

The Roebank Street shops... no longer there. The newsagent shop in the centre was owned by Mrs. Fulton, mother of the famous Scots actor and comedian Ricky Fulton.

Looking up Coventry Drive towards Culloden Street.

From the gates of Alexandra Park on Alexandra Parade looking westwards towards Alexandra Park Street.

From Culloden Street looking down towards Low Coventry Drive and Harcourt Drive.

Harcourt Drive from Coventry Drive.

circa 1974

Crumbling Dennistoun tenements awaiting the steel ball and a new life as motorway rubble.

Looking northwards down Meadowpark Street at Ballindalloch Drive with Roebank Street at the end.

From Roebank Street looking up Harcourt Drive towards Coventry Dive.

Looking eastwards along Roebank Street towards Alexandra Park. Taken from Meadowpark Street.

From Cullodden Street and looking through the partially demolished tenement in Coventry Drive is a rare view of Staffa Street now consigned to the dustbin of Glasgow History.

Eastwards from Meadowpark Street and looking along Alexandra Parade towards Marne Street on the right and Cumbernauld Road ahead.

Looking northwards along Alexandra Park Street, from Alexandra Parade, past Ballindalloch Drive on the left towards Roebank Street with Staffa Street on the right of frame.

(Photos by Joseph McIvor)

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  1. None of these photographs other than one are of the original area of Dennistoun,they all fall inside Milnbank.




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