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August 5, 2017

Stunning Colorized Photos Bring the Real Dunkirk Evacuation to Life

The evacuation of Dunkirk remains a memorable moment in European and world history, largely for the fact that civilians successfully helped rescue members of the British armed forces when they were nearly trapped by Nazi forces in May of 1940. Only 30,000 to 45,000 were expected to be rescued, but more than 300,000 troops were able to get off the beach.

These stunning pictures showing the dramatic evacuation of Dunkirk during World War II have emerged on the release day of the huge blockbuster film about the daring military operation. The film, which directed by Christopher Nolan, tells of the brave rescue attempt which saved thousands of British and French soldiers.

Two rescue boats make their way across the channel packed with soldiers. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

Troops being evacuated on a boat, with the central figure bearing a resemblance to film star Fionn Whitehead. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

Troops wait in the rubble to be rescued. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

A group of soldiers look out at a burning ship during the evacuation of Dunkirk. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

British troops in Dunkirk as they make their way to boats that have come to rescue them. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

Smiling troops make their way back to Britain. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

A flotilla of boats return from Dunkirk. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

Troops help an injured soldier. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

Troops wade through the sea toward a rescue boat. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

Soldiers fill up their canteens. (Royston Leonard/mediadrumworld)

Members of Royal Ulster Rifles waiting on improvised pier of lorries to evacuate Dunkirk during low tide. (Sanna Dullaway/TIME)

Crew members of the French destroyer Bourrasque, sunk by mine at Dunkirk, are hauled aboard a British vessel from their sinking life-raft. (Sanna Dullaway/TIME)

A member of the German Wehrmacht looks through a pair of binoculars on French and British prisoners of war in the harbour of Dunkirk on the Western Front in France in June 1940. (Sanna Dullaway/TIME)


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