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July 5, 2017

Stunning Black and White Photoshoot of Anna Mae Bullock in the Early 1960s, Just Before She Became Tina Turner

Tina Turner is one of the great soul singers of all time, a powerful performer overflowing with heart-on-her-sleeve passion and sex appeal. She also has a great comeback story. Turner became famous in the Sixties by partnering onstage and off with Ike Turner, to whom she was married for nearly 20 years. After a tumultuous relationship, which Tina Turner has described as being marked by physical and emotional abuse (claims her ex-husband disputes), Tina left Ike in 1976, then became bigger than ever.

Anna Mae Bullock grew up in Nutbush, Tennessee, the daughter of a black overseer and church deacon father and a part-Native American mother. When she was three, her parents moved away to find better work; grandparents essentially raised Turner and her older sister. Eventually her parents divorced and her mother settled in St. Louis, where Turner moved during high school. It was there that she met Ike Turner at the Club Manhattan.

Looking at those shots from the early Sixties when Little Ann’ was on the verge of what would become one of the most spectacular career in music industry, she had had no idea of what the future would look like and how bumpy the road would be...


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