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July 6, 2017

Funny Pictures of People Performing Headstands for 'National Headstanding Week' in October 1940

In October 1940, with war raging in Europe and a contentious presidential campaign nearing its conclusion, anxiety was running high in America. To Hub Crehan, a young newspaper editor in Elsinore, California, it seemed the world had turned upside down.

Crehan set out to remedy this condition by calling on the citizens of Elsinore and America to turn their frowns upside down and participate in "National Headstanding Week." The idea was a reaction to an editorial he read which advised worried readers, “Keep Your Feet on the Ground.”

Diner customers perform headstands for free ice cream sodas.

Elsinore high school students join in.

The Elsinore Fire Department stands ready to respond to emergencies.

Elsinore Assistant Police Chief Barker takes inverted aim.

Members of the US Forestry Division go inverted.

A movie theater employee takes a customer's ticket.

Kay Leslie feeds a malted milkshake to counterboy Ted Anderson.

Isidore Berkovich, Mayor Matich and editor Hub Crehan.

LIFE photographer Bob Landry snaps a portrait of Mayor Matich.

(Images: Bob Landry/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images, via Mashable/Retronaut)


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