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July 29, 2017

42 Pictures of People with Their Reed Organs From the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

The pump organ, reed organ, harmonium, or melodeon is a type of free-reed organ that generates sound as air flows past a vibrating piece of thin metal in a frame. The piece of metal is called a reed.

The reed organ is a rather young instrument. It was first by Alexandre Debain in 1840 in France, who patented this instrument in Paris on August 9, 1840.

In this instrument he used a pressure winding system, with free reeds. Since that time his invention is used by many others. The reed organ was produced by many others during the second half of the 19th century.

Here is a rare photo collection from Brenda that shows people with their reed organs in the late 19th and early 20 centuries.

 A Victorian family with their reed organ, ca. 1880s

Man seats at folding reed organ, another with a violin, Monterrey, Mexico, ca. 1880s

Victorian woman with Newman Bros. reed organ, Chicago, Illinois, ca. 1880s

 Wedding couple with Mason & Hamlin reed organ, ca. 1880s

 Woman seats with Windsor chapel organ, ca. 1880s

 Young ladies holding photograph of Daniel F. Beatty, reed organ manufacturer, ca. 1880s

Young woman in white with reed organ, ca. 1880s

 Four well-dressed children pose in front of a reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Girl with reed organ, circa 1896

Little boy named Delwin Clikeman with reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Man and woman with musical instruments and folding reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Man seats with reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Three nicely-dressed young children, one holding her doll, stand in front of a beautiful Story & Clark reed organ, ca. 1890s

Two women with large reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Two young girls with reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Victorian lady seats at pipe-top reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Victorian lady with her Weaver reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Victorian parlor with family and Newman Bros. reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Victorian women seat with reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Woman seats at reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Young boy named Vernie Huffman with reed organ, ca. 1890s

Young lady seats at reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Young woman with reed organ and cat on lap, ca. 1890s

 Brother with violin while sister seats on organ stool, circa 1900

 Family with reed organ, ca. 1890s

 Two women stand beside reed organ, circa 1900

Young couple with reed organ, circa 1900

 Young lady seats at reed organ while man with violin, circa 1900

 Young man with reed organ and harmonica, circa 1900

Young woman named Ada Watkins at her organ, Corning, California, circa 1900

 Young woman plays reed organ in large room, circa 1900

 A couple with their reed organ, circa 1910

 Young ladies with reed organ Mildred Dahl, Drayton, North Dakota, September 28, 1910

 Young lady playing reed organ, ca. 1910s

 Young woman with reed organ, Minnesota, 1911

 Sisters with reed organ, 212 East Cass Street, Joliet, Illinois, August 5, 1913

 Man with reed organ, drum and violin, July 4, 1914

 Beautiful young lady and her reed organ, 1915

15-year-old girl seats at her reed organ, 1916

Young woman with reed organ, January 8, 1918

Couple playing reed organ and violin, no date

Two guys with instruments and reed organ, Grimmet, Missouri, no date



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