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June 8, 2017

Incredible 19th Century Portraits of Native Americans Are Brought to Life in a Series of Colorized Pictures

Incredible portraits of Native Americans from up to 120 years ago have been brought to life in a series of colorized pictures.

The stunning series of images include Iron White Man from the Sioux tribe — who traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show wearing the police uniform he would have performed in — and a Native American on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montana clutching a rifle. Contrasting spectacular pictures show Plain Owl of the Crow tribe wearing a traditional dress and holding a tomahawk in his lap.

The amazing pictures were colorized by French artist Frédéric Duriez from Angres, Pas de Calais.

“I see that there is a lot of humanity and quietness in the Native Americans’ faces, in their attitude there is a spirit of freedom,” he said. “I think that they look fantastic, they are very proud people.”

“When I colourize, I look at people’s faces and I research the fashion period, in fact, I imagine myself painting a picture.” Frédéric added.

Peter Tall Mandan, Grandson of Long Mandan of the Sioux tribe in 1905.

Porrum and Pedro, a pair of Ute men wear brightly colored dress in a picture from 1899.

Rose Bompard Bird, of the Crow tribe, looks directly at the painter in a early 1900s red and green ankle-length dress.

Salish of Flathead Indian Reservation poses with a weapon in Western Montana in 1907.

A Native American from the Blackfeet tribe, that lived in Idaho and Montana.

Wiwi-Yokpa, or Mary Elmanico, a member of the Passamaquoddy tribe, sits draped in a pale pink flowery shawl, in 1913.

Sioux tribesman Iron White Man, who traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

Thunder Cloud of the Blackfeet tribe.

Sitting Eagle, of the Crow tribe, sports a feather neck brace and a fiery orange headdress in the 1900s.

Ke-Wa-Ko, otherwise known as Good Fox from the Pawnee tribe snapped in 1902.

Wearing a highly detailed white jacket, Plain Owl from the Crow tribe poses for the camera in 1910.

Yellow Feather from the Maricopa tribe wears a highly elaborate headdress.



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