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April 25, 2017

Beautiful Color Photos Document Everyday Life of Sweden in the 1940s

Fredrik Daniel Bruno (1882–1971) was a town engineer in Hudiksvall in the province of Hälsingland, in the northern part of central Sweden. He was also a dedicated amateur photographer, and took colour photographs during travels around Sweden in the 1940s and early 1950s. The images are taken with either Kodachrome or Agfacolor diapositive film.

Most of the photos show Swedish towns - with buildings, harbours, squares, monuments and public parks. Göteborg (Gothenburg) on the west coast and Stockholm, the Swedish capital, are well represented. Other photos show the countryside. A lot of the photos might be from official travels Fredrik Bruno made in his service as a town engineer, and they reflect well his professional field of interest.

A photo collection from Swedish National Heritage Board taken by Fredrik Bruno that shows everyday life of Sweden in the 1940s.

Kungsgatan street in Stockholm City, at the intersection with Sveavägen street, 1940

Funfair in Hudiksvall, 1942

 Hötorget (The Haymarket ) in Stockholm City, 1942

Men at a bus in Eskilstuna, 1942

City hotel of Hässleholm (today Hotel Statt), 1943

 Filipstad church, 1943

Hotel Bristol at Trädgårdsgatan (Garden street), 1943

Intersection of Götgatan and Ringvägen streets at Skanstull in the southern part of Stockholm city, 1943

 Intersection of Kaptensgatan and Kungsgatan streets in Halmstad, 1943

Järnvägsgatan (Railway street) in Karlstad and Hotel Drott to the left, Värmland, 1943

Kloster church and Nybron (the New Bridge), 1943

 Kloster church in Eskilstuna, 1943

Kungsgatan (King street) in Gothenburg, at the Intersection with Västra Hamngatan street, 1943

Kungsportsplatsen Square in Gothenburg, 1943

 Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, 1943

Marketing at Hötorget (the Haymarket) in Stockholm City, 1943

People at Skansen open air museum at Djurgården in central Stockholm, 1943

People in Drottninggatan (Queen Street) in Filipstad, 1943

Skeppsbron quay in the Old Town to the left and Skeppsholmen islet to the right, viewed from the Katarina Elevator at Slussen in Stockholm, 1943

Swimmers at the Tinnerbäck bathe in Linköping, 1943

The City Hotel in Karlstad, at 22, Kungsgatan street (King Street), 1943

The Katarina Elevator at Slussen in Stockholm, 1943

 The main building of Lund University, 1943

The Main Square and Karlstad Cathedral, 1943

 The Main Street in Landskrona, 1943

Varberg indoor Baths, 1943

 Vasagatan street towards Tegelbacken in Stockholm city, 1943

View towards the Main Square (the background to the left is the medieval fortress tower Kärnan), 1943

Brunnsparken (The Baths Park) in Gothenburg,, May 1944

 Building at 2, Norrtullsgatan street in the northern part of Stockholm city, 1944

 Drottninggatan street, at the junction with Brunkebergsgatan street in Stockholm city, 1944

 Engelbrektsgatan street in Gothenburg (the background is Vasa church), 1944

Götaplatsen square in Gothenburg, 1944

 Intersection of Allégatan and Yxhammarsgatan streets in Borås, August 1944

Järnagatan (Järna street), with the City Hotel to the right, 1944

Kungsgatan (King street) in Gothenburg, at the Intersection with Västra Hamngatan street, 1944

Kungsgatan street in Stockholm City, at the intersection with Sveavägen street, 1944

Nybrogatan street in Härnösand, 1944

Stacks of firewood at Gustaf Adolf Square in Gothenburg (Statue of king Gustav II Adolf, founder of Gothenburg), 1944

Stigbergskajen and Masthuggskajen quays in Gothenburg, 1944

Stigbergskajen quay in Gothenburg where the steamers of the Swedish American Line moored, and the port terminal 'The American Shed', 1944

Stora Brogatan street in Borås, August 1944

Västerlånggatan street in the Old Town in Stockholm, 1944

View of Borås from Caroli church towars west, August 1944

Brahegatan (Brahe street) in Gränna, 1945

 Buildings and people at Göteborgsvägen (Gothenburg road), 1945

Construction of a new bridge at Skanstull in the southern part of Stockholm city, 1945

Fishing-boats at the quay on Kvarnholmen, and Skeppsbrogatan street with Kalmar stem mill, Kalmar, 1945

Guldheden Square in the Guldheden area in Gothenburg, 1945

 Haystacks in a field outside Gränna, 1945

Jönköping by Lake Vättern, viewed from the Town Park, 1945

 Jönköping railway station, 1945

Kalmar Castle in Kalmar, and a part of the town park, 1945

Kalmar Cathedral at the Main Square, 1945

 People at the Market Square in Nybro, 1945

People in the town park in Gränna, 1945

Slussen area in the southern part of Stockholm city, 1945

 Södermalmstorg square at Slussen in the southern part of Stockholm city, 1945

Stationsgatan (Station Street) in Nybro, 1945

 Stockholm Olympic Stadium in the eastern part of Stockholm city,  1945

Stockholm Public Library in the norhtern part of Stockholm city, 1945

Storgatan (Main Street) in Kalmar, 1945

The Civic Hall at Medborgarplatsen (The Civic Square) in the southern part of Stockholm city, 1945

The match factory in Jönköping, 1945

The Old Town at Slussplan, Stockholm, 1945

The Royal Dramatic Theatre at Nybroplan in Stockholm City, 1945

The Stockholm City Hall, 1945

The Stream in central Stockholm, 1945.

The Town Hall at Stortorget (the Main Square), Kalmar, 1945

University College of Gothenburg (today the University of Gothenburg), 1945

 Västra Storgatan (Western Main Street) in Jönköping, 1945

View of Lysekil, 1945

Visingsö island in Lake Vättern,1945

A street in Falun in Dalecarlia, 1947

Kungsgatan (King's Street) in Uddevalla, 1947

North Main Street, with shops, 1947

 People and shops in Kyrkogatan (Church street), 1947

 People outside Stockholm Central Station, 1947

The Civic Centre at the Main square in Mjölby, 1947

The Main Square in Motala (the background is Motala church), 1947

The Town Hall and the Grand Hotel at Tyska torget (the German Square) in Norrköping, 1947

A street in Kumla, May 1948

 Cyclist and tram at Östra Hamngatan (East Harbour Street) in Gothenburg, May 1948

Geijersgatan street in Gothenburg (in the background is Vasa church), May 1948

 Hotellplatsen (Hotel square) with former hotel Göta Källare and Kvarnbron (Mill bridge), 1948

 People at Slottsskogen (Castle Forest) in Gothenburg, 1948

People in Slottsskogen (Castle Forest) in Gothenburg, 1948

People, bikes and a car at Drottninggatan (Queen Street) in Örebro, 1948

Ship MS Stockholm of the Swedish American Line, moored at Stigbergskajen quay, May 1948

The 'Fountain of chronicles' in bronze at the Main Square, Skara, May 1948

The harbour of Marstrand, August 1948

 The Main Square in Alingsås, May 1948

 The old harbour in Långedrag outside Gothenburg, May 1948

 Västerås Cathedral, May 1948

 Forsbacka Ironworks at Gavleån River, May 1949

 Gävle Town Hall, 1949

 People at the fountain at Karlaplan square in the eastern part of Stockholm city, 1949



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