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April 19, 2017

33 Incredible Photos Capture Street Scenes of São Paulo, Brazil in 1862 and 1887

These photos show street scenes of São Paulo, Brazil in 1862 and 1887. They were taken by Militão Augusto de Azevedo (1837 - 1905) who is considered one of the most important Brazilian photographers of the second half of the 19th century.

Chain, chamber and jury chamber, 1862

Church and convent of the College, 1862

Church and Praça da Sé, 1862

Church of Madonna of the Remédios, 1862

City of São Paulo view from the Piques, 1862

Comércio street, 1862

 Cruz Preta street, 1862

Direita street, 1862

Glória street, 1862

 Hillside of the Palace, 1862

Piques wall, 1862

Quitanda street, 1862

Rosário street toward Praça da Sé, 1862

Rosário street toward the church, 1862

São Bento street, 1862

Constituicão street, 1962

Tabatinguera street, 1862

View of the Ordem Terceira and Convent of Saint Francis, 1862

Church of madonna of Remédies and square of meeting, 1887

Comércio street, 1887

Direita street, 1887

Florencio de Abreu street, old Constituicão street, 1887

Glória street, 1887

Imperatriz street, old Rosary street in Church, 1887

Imperatriz street, old Rosary street, 1887

Joao Alfredo street, old Ladeira do Palácio, 1887

Palace, secretariat and church of the College, 1887

Praça da Sé and Imperador street, 1887

Principe street, old Cruz Preta street, 1887

Provincial assembly and municipal chamber, 1887

Quitanda street, 1887

São Francisco Square , 1887

Tabatinguera street, 1887


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