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April 3, 2017

18 Colorized Lantern Slides Show Foreign Postal Workers in the Early 20th Century

A selection of lantern slides mostly dating from the early 20th century, showing postal workers from around the world.

A group of postmen pulling and pushing a sledge loaded with mail bags up a snow covered hill, Italy, ca. 1900

A rural Galician postman guiding a donkey wih mail bags on its back, Spain, ca. 1900

A rural postman riding a horse, Portugal, ca. 1900

A rural postman wearing a blue uniform and white pith helmet riding a brown donkey, Antigua, ca. 1900

An Eskimo postman on a reindeer, Alaska, ca. 1900

Balochistan postal sowar, Pakistan, ca. 1900

Carrying mails, Andorra, ca. 1900

Country postmen of the Azores, Portugal, ca. 1900

Dutch rural postman, ca. 1900

Madras Post Office officials, India, ca. 1900

Mounted courier, China, ca. 1900

Parcel postwoman, Germany, ca. 1900

Postman of Landes, France, ca. 1900

Postman of Shiraz, Persia, ca. 1900

Rural postman, Dominica, British West Indies, ca. 1900

The postman carries a satchel with a yellow badge over one shoulder and a book under one arm, Norway, ca. 1900

The postman is carrying a yoke with a large bundle attached to each end, China, ca. 1900

Two postmen carrying parcels down the steps of the General Post Office, New York City, ca. 1900



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