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February 5, 2017

These Heartwarming Then-and-Now Photos of 25 Couples Prove That True Love Is Forever

It’s always interesting to see ‘before and after’ pictures. These images below feature couples who decided to commemorate some of their favorite memories in a fun way, by recreating scenes from old photos. The first photos feature these couples either on the day they met, when they first started dating, or on their wedding day. They are then coupled with more current pictures taken to mimic those same moments – some quite a few decades later. But all are recreated to a tee!

Seeing these couples still so happy, after so many years, warms the deepest parts of our hearts. Not only have they cared for each other with love and humor, but their relationships and marriages have withstood the test of time.

The guys at Bored Panda have compiled a list of couples photos at the beginning of their relationship and then decades later. Check out 25 photos below of these wonderful couples!

1. Almost 44 years after their wedding, the wedding dress still fits. 1971 and 2015.

2. Senior couple recreates their old photo.

3. Couple kissing the Stanley cup 37 years ago, and here they are again doing a modern re-creation.

4. The big moment, 1972 and 2015.

5. This guy married the girl of his dreams, they met when they were 3.

6. This couple recreates their wedding day photo after 70 years.

7. This woman wearing her original wedding dress on her 60th anniversary.

8. Buenos Aires, 1970 and 2010.

9. Couple recreates their old photo on their 23rd anniversary, and here they are in 1992 and in 2015.

10. Couple recreates their old photo.

11. Couple celebrates 40th anniversary by recreating their wedding pics from 1975.

12. Then and now.

13. This couple has only one photo of their wedding day. And they decided to recreate it.

14. A couple on their wedding day and 60th anniversary.

15. A couple with their car.

16. 1988 and then 2014.

17. 50 years later.

18. Couple at their wedding in 1982 and at their daughter’s wedding.

19. Couple reenacts their wedding photo 45 years later, including the same dress.

20. 50 years later.

21. Then and now. Couple recreates their funny wedding photo.

22. A couple recreates their love picture 32 years later.

23. This couple passed through San Francisco on their honeymoon in 1982, and 32 years later.

24. Couple on their wedding night, and 60 years later.

25. Flower girl and ring bearer (in 1995) get married 20 years later.


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