December 4, 2016

Sleek and Wavy: Characteristics Defined the 1930s Women's Hairstyles

In the 1930s, the major trends for hairstyles were all about waves. With a softer look than the sleek bob and tight ringlets of the 1920s, women began wearing their hair in more feminine styles with parts sweeping to the side or down the middle.

At the beginning of the decade, short hair still reigned with tresses kept close to the head. But as the 1930s marched on, women started opting for longer hair.

Depending on the preferences of each person, they could be rolls, curls, finger, marcel, or water waves... But in short, they were very elegant and beautiful. Take a look at vintage photos below to see how they made these hairstyles, and some kinds that women favored in the 1930s.


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