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December 5, 2016

“Never Hire Blondes or Women Under Thirty” – A Businessman Gives His 6 Rules for Hiring Women in 1920

An article from the August 1920 American Magazine describes some rather unscientific and capricious decision making when it comes to hiring decisions.

The businessman who penned the article never factors into his six rules for hiring women any relevant facts such as previous work experience or skills.

According to the anonymous author, older, plainly dressed, short brunettes with non-drooping mouths, make better employees. It is amazing the author did not need to consult an astrological chart or crystal ball to finalize his decisions.

There are probably still some hiring managers who today use at least one of these criteria for their hiring decisions without admitting it to anyone.

Why I Never Hire Women Under Thirty

The Experiences of a Business Executive

My Six Rules For Hiring Women
1. I never hire any woman under thirty years of age. Business for men is not “a part of life,” it is life. In our company we want women who will regard it the same way.

2. I choose short compact women rather than tall ones. Generally speaking, short or middle-sized people, men and women both, have more vitality than big people. Many say I am wrong about this.

3. I choose brunettes rather than blondes. They are less temperamental, less sensitive and more dependable.

4. I look at the corners of their mouths. Drooping corners are often the mark of a woman who enjoys poor health. Frequently they denote self-pity the most deadening of all the emotions.

5. I look at their hair their finger nails and their shoes. Girls who don’t care enough to look well, won’t care enough do well.

6. I never hire a girl who is expensively dressed. The girl who is careless with her father’s or her husband’s money will probably be careless with things that mean money to us.
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