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December 26, 2016

Fantastic Self-Portraits of Lee Godie, a Homeless Artist Who Turned Bus Station Photobooths Into Her Private Studio

Lee Godie (1908–1994) was an American self-taught artist who found her passion in 1968. She began painting and selling her portraits of high society women until 1990.

Godie lived on the streets, sleeping outdoors or in transient hotels. She could be seen sleeping outdoors in sub-zero temperatures, “on a concrete bench... clutching her large black portfolio case.” Living outdoors seemed to be by choice, since she had quite a lot of money saved and did not seem to enjoy being indoors.

She discovered a photo booth at the Greyhound Bus Stop in Chicago. There she would take self-portrait glam shots and add color to the 5x4 gelatin silver black and white prints. By using lipstick and instant ice tea she was able to create her own unique style.

Below is a collection of 20 fantastic self-portraits of Lee Godie:


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