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December 3, 2016

29 Incredible Colorized Photos Reveal What Life Was Like for French Soldiers During World War I

Artist Frederic Duirez has redefined World War One as we know it by Photoshopping colourless photos. Each snap has had different tones layered on top of the original photographs to bring new depth. They offer an alternative look at the conflict that ravaged the world between 1914 and 1918. The majority of Duirez’s photos focus on what life was like for the French soldiers on the front line.

Fort Vaux, November 22 , 1916

French and British soldiers standing around a German A7V tank captured at Villers-Brettoneux, May 1918

French cantonment with canteen near Verdun, March 1917

Chasseurs posing with guns

French lines on the right bank, Lorraine, 1918

French prisoners guarded by a Uhlan, Verdun, March 1917

French soldier in the 291st Infantry Regiment

French soldiers at the village of Souilly

Soldiers leaving the village to join Verdun, Nubécourt, August 23, 1916

French stretcher bearers loading a wounded soldier into an American ambulance, Westouter, West Flanders, May 1918

French Zouaves marching in 1914

Horse corpse on the Bouvancourt road, near Jonchery sur Vesle, April 22, 1917

Near Rethondes, November 10, 1918

Portrait of a French soldier taken in a studio in Mailly, 1915

Senegalese French troops getting acquainted with their new gask masks

Soldier trying a German mask found on the ground, Wood of the Caillette, 1916

Soldiers in Saint Folquin, September 3, 1917

Two men playing chess, Verdun, May 30, 1917

Soldiers posing for the camera in their Turco uniforms

Some French and American officers who took part in the reconquest of cantigny before a tank Schneider French, May 1918.

The 'Kolossal' German prisoner was captured in the eastern trenches, 8 January 1916

The soup in the lines of the 204th Infantry Regiment, Bois des Buttes, September 17, 1917

These men return from fighting the Battle of the Argonne, July 17, 1915

Troops returning from Fort de Vaux, around Nixéville (department of Meuse, France ), April 8, 1916

A French soldier killed while he was eating, October 27, 1915

After the fighting, soldiers surrounded the bodies of their comrades, Region of Verdun, 1916

Canadian officers interested in a large French gun mounted on railroad, October 1917

Chilly in the Somme, the 28th regiment soldiers in a trench

Cooperative canteen of Portes de Fer, October-November 1916


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