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November 17, 2016

26 Rare and Interesting Vintage Photographs That Capture Everyday Life in Stongfjorden, Norway in the 1910s

Paul Stang (1888-1923) was a self-taught photographer who, camera in hand, documented the establishment of aluminium production in the small village of Stongfjorden, Norway.

Paul was fond of nature and disliked the development of industry in Stongfjorden. Even so he, like many others in Stongfjorden, found work at the aluminium factory - A/S Stangfjorden Elektrokemiske Fabriker.

However, Paul retained an active interest in the farm work carried out on his father's farm Stang - an interest which is documented in this collection.

Paul also photographed the people of Stongfjorden and all sorts of leisure activities. These fascinating photographs below were taken by Paul Stang from circa 1910s.

7th of May celebrations in Stongfjorden

A family portrait - even the family dog is posing

A group of people playing the game "slå på ring"

A portrait of two of Paul Stang's sisters - Jørgina Stang with the guitar and Marie Stang with the fiddle

Hay-making in Stongfjorden

Johannes and Anna Grimelid at their wedding day. Anna is wearing her "bunad" (national costume) and a traditional bridal crown.

Group portrait at Lushågen, ca. 1910

Farm work, Yndestad, 1916

Coffee in the garden, ca. 1910

Brother and sisters Paul, Amalie and Jørgina Stang hiking in the mountains together with an unidentified woman, ca. 1910

A group of people having a picnic at a mountain farm in the Stongfjorden area, ca. 1910

The cows are being milked at one of the farms in Stongfjorden, ca. 1910

Picnic at mountain farm, ca. 1910

Olivia "Linken" Hiorth and her daughters, ca. 1910

Group portrait of the amateur actors performing in the play "Elskhug og giftarmål", ca. 1910

Group portrait from a mountain farm in the Stongfjorden area, ca. 1910

Ovidia and Hans Dørhellen, ca. 1910

Gudrun Friborg Waagen from Bergen, ca. 1910

Group photo by the dam, ca. 1910

Dancing at Lushågen, ca. 1910

A woman and man at work cutting stones for the foundation wall in the background, ca. 1910

Women and children outside a small farm house at Stang, ca. 1910

Three women, ca. 1910

Playing a game of "slå på ring" at Folkefjellet, ca. 1910

Jakob Osland worked for a few years at the iodine factory which was opened in 1897, ca. 1910

17th of May celebrations in Stongfjorden in the early 1900s


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