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October 15, 2016

Girl With No Face: The Story of a Woman Discovered Spine-Chilling Apparition in Her Old Family Photograph

It was supposed to be a nice trip down memory lane, but then Szigeti Gyöngyi discovered something sinister captured in one of her old family photographs.

When Szigeti Gyöngyi sat down to go through her family photo collection one afternoon, she made a chilling discovery. In what appears to be an ordinary photograph, Gyöngyi’s mother stands smiling, posed for the camera next to a sign post of her hometown. Now look a little closer and you’ll see a ghostly apparition, which Gyöngyi describes as a young girl with no face or arms standing in the background behind her seemingly unwitting mother.

After discovering the creepy figure lurking in the photograph, Gyöngyi shared her spooky find on the Paranormal360 website. Along with the picture, she also sent a chilling description of her discovery, “I want to show you a very interesting picture.” Gyöngyi told the paranormal website.

“The photograph was taken in 1943 in Kaposfüred, Hungary. My mother is in the foreground, the photo taken by my father. A little girl standing in the background, she has no arms, no face, it’s like a ghost or a demon.”

Original image taken in 1943, of Mrs. Gyöngyi posing next to a sign post of her hometown Kaposfüred.

Picture of the back of the photograph.

Szigeti Gyöngyi holding her chilling discovery.

What do you think? While it could simply be a case of trick photograph, or double exposure on the film, it certainly has us spooked...

(via Occult Museum)



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