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October 15, 2016

40 Vintage Portrait Pictures of House Maids in the Edwardian Era

The housemaid, would assist the lady of the house with her changes of clothes (typically three changes a day). She would clean the front door and steps, then work in the parlor removing the soot left by the coal fires, candles and oil lamps. Next she would make the beds, sweep the carpets, dust the furniture and ornaments. Depending on the number of other staff, she may also have to do the laundry. It would be a long hard day. She would have started in the job young – about 18, and would share sleeping quarters in the attic with other female members of the domestic staff. She would receive a small salary and be provided with room and board.

At the turn of the 20th century when the population of Britain was only 36million there were 1.5million servants. That is more than worked on the land or in factories.

The servant class boomed in the late 19th century as the expanding empire and industrial revolution created new wealth. It became fashionable for the up-and-coming middle classes to mimic the aristocracy and hire cooks, maids and housekeepers and tens of thousands of young people flocked from the countryside to work in town houses.


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    Do you have the references of the images? In particular from the 12, 24, 28 and 39? Thank you very much

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