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September 23, 2016

34 Super Sexy Men's Fashion Ads for Ladykillers From the 1970s

You can almost smell the sweaty polyester wafting up from these men's clothing advertisements from the era that never quite made a comeback: the 1970s.
“Ever wonder why some guys always seem to score? A lot of it is the way they dress. Girls are turned on by guys with a sexy image. So give yourself an edge- get into Angels Flight, the original – the pant that started the disco look.”
On the surface, it sounds ridiculous that a pair of polyester slacks will get you on the fast track to scoring with the ladies - but that's the magic of advertising. You can resist all you like, but logic will not prevail against the ingenious sex-sells tactics of Madison Avenue.

Sure, you can't rationally justify why those plaid trousers will somehow make you irresistible to women; but the image has been planted - the association has been made deep beneath the cortex. White loafers and fairway green slacks will get you laid. It is written. Must purchase.

Get ready to start fighting the urge to raid the resale shop or pick up crocheting to relive the sexy era of disco and discontent.

(via Retrospace)



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