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August 28, 2016

22 Vintage Photos Show Everyday Life of Mexico City in the early 20th Century

These are 22 vintage photos that define everyday life of Mexico City in the 1900s.

A temporary shelter, 1908

An officer of the Mexican Rurales, 1904

Banana tree in Alameda, City of Mexico, 1904

Booths in Calle Cinco de Mayo, Mexico City, 1904

Bull fight, City of Mexico, 1904

Calla del Cinco de Mayo, City of Mexico, 1904

Chapultepec or Maxmile House taken from the Paseo, 1905

Cigarette Factory In Mexico City, 1903

El Correo Mayor, City of Mexico, 1908

From the Cafe to Chapultepec, 1904

Girl playing harp, 1905

Men on horses with mountain in background, Mexico, ca. 1900s

Otomi Indian woman, 1905

Paseo de la Reforma para Chapultepec, Mexico City, 1904

People on street in Mexico City, ca. 1900

Plaza de Toros, La Condesa, Mexico City, 1907

Statue of Charles IV, City of Mexico, 1904

The flower market near Cathedral, Mexico City, 1904

The Zocalo, City of Mexico, 1904

Tortilla maker, 1905

Train of pack burros in Mexico, 1904

Wholesale loads of Mexican baskets, 1904


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