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May 3, 2016

35 Rare Vintage Photos of Everyday Life in Jamaica Before 1900

Here is an amazing collection of rare photos that shows the life in Jamaica from between 1860s to 1890s.

A native wash woman at Bog Walk, Jamaica, 1899

A rural village in Jamaica in the 1890s

Banana plantation, Jamaica, ca. 1890s

Bog Walk, Jamaica, 1865

Cane cutters, Jamaica, 1891

Cane River Falls, Jamaica in 1890

Coconut palms in Kingston Harbour, 1895

Country market, Jamaica, ca. 1890s

Docks, Port Royal, Jamaica, 1890

Forest trail in Jamaica, 1897

Going To Market, Rockfort Road, Kingston, Jamaica, 1890

Harbour St, Kingston, Jamaica, 1874

Hotel Titchfield, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Jubilee Market, Kingston, Jamaica, ca. 1890s

King Street, looking south, Kingston, Jamaica, 1865

Kingston from harbor, Jamaica, 1891

Kingston, Jamaica in the 1870s

Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1891

Negro girls, 1891

On the road to Mandeville, 1891

People at country houses in Jamaica, ca. 1890s

People in Bog Walk, 1890

People walking to market at Half Way Tree, Jamaica, 1891

Plum Point Lighthouse, Port Royal, 1891

Port Antonio From Above, Jamaica

Port Royal, Jamaica in 1865

Port Royal, Jamaica, 1865

Rural house in Jamaica, ca. 1890s

Santa Cruz, Jamaica, 1891

Sorting cocoa pods, Jamaica

Traveler's palm, Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica, ca. 1890s

Traveler's palm, Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica, ca. 1890s

Two women on the road to market, Jamaica, ca. 1890s

A family in Richmond Park, Kingston, Jamaica, ca. 1890s

A gardener on country road in Jamaica, ca. 1890s



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