May 26, 2016

32 Vintage Portraits of Beautiful Japanese Women Dressing in Kimonos from the 1930s

The word kimono literally translates as "thing to wear", and up until the 19th century it was the main form of dress worn by men and women alike in Japan.

Traditionally, the art of assembling the kimono was passed on from mother to daughter. Today this art is also taught in schools, and the technique is the same.

There are types of kimonos that are worn for different occasions and seasons. Women typically wear kimonos when they attend traditional arts, such as a tea ceremonies or ikebana classes. Girls and young single women wear furisode: a colorful style of kimono with long sleeves that are tied with a brightly-colored obi.

Here is a gallery of 32 vintage photos of beautiful women dressing in kimonos from the 1930s


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