April 28, 2016

Motorcycle Kids – Vintage Photographs Capture the Japanese Youth in a Time of Rebellion, 1964

Born in England, Michael Rougier began his career as a photographer for the Montreal Standard newspaper. His big break came when he was assigned to photograph cattle being shipped to Argentina from Canada. While in Argentina, he made photos of the then-camera shy Eva Perón, eventually smuggling the pictures out of the country and back north. Those images ran in both the Standard and in LIFE, where he was hired as a staff photographer in November 1947, remaining with the magazine for more than two decades.

In 1964, Rougier went to Japan to capture the Japanese youth in a time of rebellion. He returned with spectacular photographs and sincere teenagers, burn his younger years. The photographs below documented a group of "motorcycle kids," one of numerous subsets of teen subcultures in Tokyo, 1964.

(Photos by Michael Rougier)


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