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March 19, 2016

Restored and Colorized Vintage Pictures: 45 Incredible Hand-Painting Photos of the Life in the U.S in the 1940s

These incredibly amazing photos were colorized by photographer Marie-Lou Chatel. “I’ve always been fascinated with the work of the great photographers of the 20th century. Yet, when I look at their photos, I wonder what they saw in color while taking the photograph.”

Forty-second Street and Fifth Avenue on a rainy day, New York, March 1943

Homeless man at The Bowery at night, New York, Sept. 1942

Girl sitting alone in the Sea Grill, a bar and restaurant waiting for a pickup, Washington D.C, Apr. 1943

Listening to a murder mystery on the radio in a boarding house room, Washington D.C, Jan. 1943

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, Oct. 1941

Sideshow at the cicus, Klamath Falls, Oregon, July 1942

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, Oct. 1941

Teenagers at a party in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1947

Guests of Sarasota trailer park, Sarasota, Florida, Jan. 1941

Time Square in a raining day, New York City, 1943

In the cafe at a truck drivers' service station on U.S. 1 (New York Avenue), Washington D.C, June 1940

Woman in the shower bath in a boarding house, Washington D.C, Jan. 1943

In town on a Saturday afternoon, Heard County, Georgia, 1941

Women at work, Indiana, 1940-45

Listening to the teacher's instructions in a physical education class at Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington, Oct. 1943

A windy day in Philadelphia, 1947

Lower Manhattan seen from the S.S. Coamo leaving New York, Dec. 1941

An administration clerk at the U.S. Office of Price, Washington, D.C, Jan. 1943

Men of the Quartermaster Truck Company of the 25th service group having a card game in one of the barracks,
Greenville, South Carolina, July 1943

Children bringing their weekly contribution of scrap paper to school, Washington, May 1942

Moccasins are worn without socks at Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington D.C, Oct. 1943

New Year's Day Bleeker Street on New York, Jan. 1943

Soldier in front of the Capitol theatre, Washington D.C, March 1943

South Side market, Chicago, Arpril 1941

Spectator in the National Gallery of Art on a Sunday afternoon, Washington D.C, March 1942

Storefront church and lunch wagon, Black Belt, Chicago, Illinois, Apr. 1941

Sunday bench sitters in front of the Central Park Zoo restaurant, New York, Sept. 1942

Waiting for a train in the concourse of the Union Station, Chicago, Illinois, Jan. 1943

Waiting for the trains at the Pennsylvania railroad station, New York, Aug. 1942

Watching a football game, Washington D.C, Oct. 1943

Woman with chili peppers, Concho, Arizona, Sept. 1940

Women gossiping in a drugstore over cokes, Washington D.C, March 1943

7th Street and Florida Avenue, Washington, Aug. 1942

1917 vintage trolley,  Baltimore, Maryland, Apr. 1943

A corporal in the army takes his girl to dinner, California, May 1942

A Greyhound bus trip from Louisville, Kentucky, to Memphis, Tennessee, and the terminals, Sept. 1943

Soldiers and girsl saying goodbye at the Greyhound bus station, Indianapolis, Indiana, Sept. 1943

A student at Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington D.C, Oct. 1943

A woman and her dog in the Harlem section, New York, May 1943

Boys and girls, Caldwell, Idaho, 1941

Bus passenger enroute from Nashville to Memphis, March 1948

Children going home from school, Chillicothe, Ohio, Feb. 1940

Children playing, New York City, Dec. 1941

Chinese grocery store in Chinatown, New York, Aug. 1942

Farmer couple living in an old mansion in southern Greene County, Georgia, June 1941

(Restored and colorized by © Marie-Lou Chatel)

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  1. These photos are great! Thank you for posting. The windy day in Philadelphia picture was taken at Broad and Walnut Sts. The building in the background with the "1927" carved into the cornerstone is still there and that street corner is still a busy place.




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