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March 10, 2016

19 Interesting Colorized Pictures Show the Tea Production Stages in Japan in the early 1900s

A small collection of rare vintage pictures taken by photographer Nobukuni Enami that shows all stages of tea production in Shidzuoka, Japan in the early 20th century.

 Picking tea leaves

 Picking tea leaves

Picking girls take rest in the tea plantation

Girls on way home from the tea field

 Rolling and drying tea leave

A tea picker is paid by the weight of tea leaves

Farmer selling green tea in the market

Sifting dried green tea

Re-fining and sorting green tea

Re-firing pans of green tea

Re-fining the green tea by motor power

Re-firing green tea in paper pans

Re-firing green tea in paper pans

Girls picking out sticks and unrolled leaves of tea

Girls packing tea in paper bags

Certain quantity of dried tea weighed and bagged

Bagging the dried tea for foerighn markets

Packing the dried tea for shipping

 Steamer taking in the tea chests from the lighter

(Photos by Nobukuni Enami, via Presbyterian Archives Research Centre New Zealand)


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