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February 21, 2016

33 Stunning Colorized Pictures of Japan from the 1870s-90s

A collection of 33 stunning colorized photos shows Japan during the 1870s to the 1890s.

A greengrocer, ca. 1880

Children playing kotoro, ca. 1890

Fuji Shiraito Falls, ca. 1880

Fujiyama seen from Kashiwabara, ca. 1880

Geishas playing music in a tea house, ca. 1890

Gojo-zaka bamboo forest near Kyoto, 1875

Gojo-zaka bamboo forest, Kyoto, Japan, ca. 1870

Gongen shrine in Hakone, ca. 1880

Horikiri's Iris Garden in Tokyo, ca. 1880

Imaichi road in Nikko, ca. 1880

Iris garden, Horikiri in Tokyo, ca. 1870

Karamon of Toshogu shrine, 1875

Kasuga-taisha shrine in Nara, ca. 1880

Mount Fuji from Kawaibashi, ca. 1870

Mount Fuji seen from Otome pass, ca. 1890

Mount Fuji, ca. 1870

Narabi-jizo statues of Kan-man path near Nikko, ca. 1880

Noge hill in Yokohama, ca. 1870

Omotemon (Nioh) Gate in Nikko, ca. 1880

Sacred Bridge at Nikko, ca. 1880

Shinkyo, sacred bridge of the Futarasan jinja, ca. 1870

Shinto shrine of Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, ca. 1880

Stone lantern in Kasuga shrine, Nara, ca. 1880

Takino forest near Nikko, 1875

Three young dancers, ca. 1870

Threshing rice, ca. 1880

Toshogu shrine in Nikko, ca. 1870

Toshogu shrine in Nikko, ca. 1870

Transplanting rice, ca. 1880

Wisteria in Kameido shrine, Tokyo, ca. 1880

Woman bringing tea in the garden, ca. 1880

Women spinning cotton, ca. 1870

Young man and two women at Enoshima Caves, ca. 1880

(Photos from Photographic Heritage)


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