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February 10, 2016

12 Odd and Creepy Vintage Valentine Cards You Shouldn't Give to Anyone

They don't make valentines like they used to. The love notes given in the early 20th century were much more interesting than the cookie-cutter pop culture cards kids hand out today...

1. How many can you keep on the string at one time?.

2. It STRIKES me that I love you.

3. I'll be green with envy if SOMEBODY ELSE is your Valentine.

4. Be my Valentine. I'm up a tree and awful blue. Give me your heart that's the thing to do.

5. Let me take a STAB at being your Valentine.

6. Old Chappy I'm aiming for a DEAR I 'ope I get 'er.

7. Baby you sure play Havoc with my Heart.

8. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust Show me a woman. A man can trust!

9. I'd snap you up if you said be my Valentine.

10. My dear Sweetheart.

11. Say, I'm not YELLOW with you as My Valentine. I can Fight any Fellow.

12. I don't want you to be my brother I want you to be my Valentine.

(via Vintage Valentine Museum)


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