January 23, 2016

15 Vintage Pictures of Couples That Are The Definition of Love

1. These dancers in the Bronx in 1956.

2. This couple overlooking Paris in 1955.

3. These night owls.

4. These collegiate sweethearts.

5. This couple on vacation.

6. This head-over-heels pair.

7. This couple outside of Club Americana in London circa 1955.

8. This Scottish couple in a rye field in 1910.

9. This couple celebrating on VJ Day in 1945.

10. These two sharing a laugh at a Japanese hotel in 1950.

11. This couple reuniting after his flight from Albania.

12. This studious pair.

13. These beach bums.

14. This shy couple in 60s era New York.

15. This couple who hadn't seen each other in a while.

(Pictures via Vintage Couples In Love. This original article was published on Answers)


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