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January 16, 2016

35 Vintage Mugshots Show Criminal Faces of North Shields During the First World War

These mugshots were all taken from the 1914-1918 conflict and depict those arrested for crimes on the home front during war time. All taken from an album of photographs of prisoners brought before the North Shields Police Court in Tyne and Wear, the images were chosen by archival experts at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

In order to discover the stories behind the mugshots, archive staff visited North Shields Local Studies Library where they painstakingly searched through old microfilm copies of old newspapers looking for reports of the court cases.

“Combining these two separate records gives us a fascinating insight into life on the Home Front during the First World War,” Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums said. “These images document the lives of people of different ages and backgrounds, both civilians and soldiers. Our purpose here is not to judge them but simply to reflect the realities of their time.”

Looking back across the decades, it’s hard not to feel pity for these hard-pressed individuals who were living through desperate times.

Charles S. Jones, arrested for stealing from clothes lines, 15 September 1914

Christina Austin, arrested for stealing dresses, 11 July 1916

Christina Haggerty, arrested for stealing money, 9 February 1916

Frederick Ellwood, fireman, arrested for breaking and entering, 4 August 1914

George Bamlett, grocer, arrested for assault, 19 October 1914

George Fay, soldier, arrested for stealing, 9 December 1915

George Walker, soldier, arrested for cashing a forged cheque, 15 March 1916

Isabella McQue alias Hubbart, arrested for stealing a sealskin coat, 18 February 1915

James George Chase, munitions worker, arrested for obtaining money by false pretences, 22 January 1916

James White, seaman, arrested for thefts from the Tyne Sailors' Home, 13 March 1915

Jane A. Teasdale, arrested for obtaining food and lodgings by false pretences, 9 September 1915

Jane Agnes Duffy, arrested for theft, 9 December 1914

Jesse Rudd, arrested for stealing money from a gas meter, 6 May 1915

John P. Wilson, soldier, arrested for theft, 21 January 1916

John Stewart, miner, arrested for stealing ducks and hens, 24 August 1914

John T. Ingleson, soldier, arrested for breaking and entering, 30 March 1915

John W. Hoole alias Thomas McNeish, arrested for stealing money, 6 July 1915

Lawrence Armstrong alias Hanby, soldier, arrested for theft, 30 September 1915

Lillian Tibbs, arrested for stealing a dress, 12 September 1914

Mark Schidlossky, seaman, arrested for robbery, 3 October 1914

Matthew M. Lamb, trawler-hand, arrested for breaking and entering, 5 October 1914

Mona Wilson, arrested for theft, 21 January 1916

Peter Taylor, coppersmith, arrested for stealing from his employers, 13 May 1915

Reginald Stains alias Brown, chief steward, arrested for false pretences, 4 December 1915

Robert Jackson, hawker, arrested for stealing money, 2 July 1915

Robert Muir, miner, arrested for stealing potatoes, 17 August 1914

Rolf Halversen, fireman, arrested for stealing money, 15 December 1914

Sarah Cuthill, arrested for stealing clothes, 20 July 1916

Sarah Dowd, arrested for stealing money, 9 February 1916

Thomas Dodds, labourer, arrested for robbery, 3 October 1914

Thomas Harrington, arrested for indecent assault, 28 September 1914

Thomas Henry Miller, soldier, arrested for theft, 25 November 1915

Walter Firth, soldier, arrested for pawning military uniform, 19 October 1914

Wilhelmina Armstrong, arrested for stealing dresses, 11 July 1916

William Glendinning, labourer, arrested for theft, 22 February 1915

(Photos from Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums)


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