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December 1, 2015

25 Momentous Colorized Photos That Let You Relive American History

There's been an explosion in the number of colorized photos lately. People find old black-and-white photos online, and meticulously add color to give us a new perspective on history. Take a look at these photographs and see if you feel any different about them...

1. The Harlem newsboy, originally captured by Gordon Parks.

2. Booker T. Washington in his Tuskegee University office, 1906.

3. Picnickers at a Sarasota trailer park, 1941.

4.  Armed troops blocking off a road near an explosion at an oil factory near Texas City, Texas, April 17, 1947.

5. Frank "Slivers" Oakley, the Baseball Clown, 1904.

6. General Robert E. Lee a week after surrendering to General Ulysses S. Grant, effectively ending the American Civil War, April 16, 1865.

7. The Luna Park Promenade in Coney Island, New York, 1905.

8. Louis Armstrong practicing in a dressing room, 1946.

9. Boys buying flowers in Union Square, New York, 1908.

10. The Jersey Shore, 1905.

11. Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, 1935.

12. Women painting World War II propaganda posters in Port Washington, New York, July 8, 1942.

13. Portrait of a family near Muskogee, Oklahoma during a drought, August 1939.

14. "Cab Stand" in Madison Square Park, New York, ca. 1900.

15. Norman Rockwell entering his Stockbridge studio in Massachusetts, 1966.

16.  A man flipping burgers, 1938.

17. Marian Anderson at the Lincoln Memorial, 1939.

18. Comedian and singer Ernie Hare, expressing his thoughts on Prohibition, ca. 1920.

19. Portrait of Hall-of-Famer John 'Muggsy' McGraw, the legendary manager of the N.Y. Giants from 1902 to 1932.

20.  "An Oasis in the Badlands", Red Hawk of the Oglala Sioux on horseback, 1905.

21. College students pile into a Volkswagen Beetle, 1965.

22. Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 1904.

23. Tufts University baseball team studio portrait, 1890.

24. Elvis Presley meets secretly with President Nixon, 1970.

25. Buses leave in the shadow of the Washington Monument following the March On Washington, 1963.


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