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October 22, 2015

A Collection of 60 Beautiful Vintage Photos of Anne Francis in the 1950s

Anne Francis got into show business quite early in life. She was born Ann Marvak on September 16, 1930 in Ossining, New York, the only child of Phillip Marvak, a businessman/salesman, and the former Edith Francis. A natural little beauty, she became a John Robert Powers model at age 6(!) and swiftly moved into radio soap work and television in New York. By age 11, she was making her stage debut on Broadway playing the child version of Gertrude Lawrence in the star's 1941 hit vehicle "Lady in the Dark". During this productive time, she attended New York's Professional Children's School.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer put the lovely, blue-eyed, wavy-blonde hopeful under contract during the post-war World War II years. While Anne appeared in a couple of obscure bobbysoxer bits, nothing much came of it. Frustrated at the standard cheesecake treatment she was receiving in Hollywood, the serious-minded actress trekked back to New York where she appeared to good notice on television's "Golden Age" drama and found some summer stock work on the sly ("My Sister Eileen").

Discovered and signed by 20th Century-Fox's Darryl F. Zanuck after playing a seductive, child-bearing juvenile delinquent in the low budget film So Young So Bad (1950), Anne soon starred in a number of promising ingénue roles, including Elopement (1951), Lydia Bailey (1952) and Dreamboat (1952) but she still could not seem to rise above the starlet typecast.

At MGM, she found promising leading lady work in a few noteworthy 1950s classics: Bad Day at Black Rock (1955); Blackboard Jungle (1955); and the science fiction cult classic Forbidden Planet (1956). While co-starring with Hollywood's hunkiest best, including Paul Newman, Dale Robertson, Glenn Ford and Cornel Wilde, her roles still emphasized more her glam appeal than her acting capabilities.

In the 1960s, Anne began refocusing strongly on the smaller screen, finding a comfortable niche on television series. She found a most appreciative audience in two classic The Twilight Zone (1959) episodes and then as a self-sufficient, Emma Peel-like detective in Aaron Spelling's short-lived cult series Honey West (1965), where she combined glamour and a sexy veneer with judo throws, karate chops and trendy fashions. The role earned her a Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award nomination.

Here we collected some of beautiful vintage photos of American actress Anne Francis during the 1950s.


  1. Big fane since I discovered her at 14 in Honey West. HW was very empowering for a lot of young girls, seeing a woman doing actions Barbie would never have done ! A lovely person from all accounts. Producers should have used her more in serious or comedic roles where her acting was used more. They wanted her for the glamor roles more, and she delivered. Had some memborable roles though, in film and TV. Her work on HW, Twighlight Zone, A. Hitchcock and Route 66 are iconic. Check them out if you haven't. So fun and interesting to see those times, the people, clothes, history , etc. RIP Ms Francis, you were a class act !

  2. She stole all her scenes in Bad Day at Black Rock. Should have been given heavier roles throughout her career. A missed opportunity.




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