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October 23, 2015

Against Threat of Chemical Warfare: 15 Vintage Photos of Dogs Wearing Gas Masks During the Wars

Carrying gas masks became routine for adults and children during the Wars. But this collection of amazing pictures shows it was common place for dogs to be equipped with breathing apparatus as well.

German soldiers and dogs on maneuvers in northern Germany during World War I, c.1916-1918.

German messenger dog wearing doggy gas mask during WWI.

A French sergeant and dog wearing gas masks, near the front line during World War I, c.1915.

French Red Cross dog with gas mask, 1917.


Parisians walk their gas mask-equipped dogs, 1939.

Two Airedale terriers in training at Lt. Colonel E. H. Richardson's camp in Surrey, 1939.

Airedale dogs being trained by Lt Col E. H. Richardson wear special gas masks at a Surrey kennel, 1939.

German soldiers and dogs training in a gas drill during World War II, c.1939-1945.

c. 1940

Dog warrior

A soldier and his German Shepherd wear gas masks to protect themselves from chemical warfare.

Dogs in gas masks during WWII


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