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August 20, 2015

Rare Scrapbooks by Ernest Hemingway's Mother Chronicle His Childhood and Adolescent Years

Created and annotated by Hemingway’s mother, Grace Hall Hemingway, the scrapbooks which are released fullly digitized copies by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, chronicle the first eighteen years of her son’s life and include many never-before-seen photographs, letters, drawings, homework assignments and other keepsakes from his childhood.

Ernest Hemingway (far right) and four unidentified men ride a bobsled on the Sonloup trail during a race in Les Avants, Montreux, Switzerland, circa 1923.

Hemingway pretending to box, undated.

Ernest Hemingway lying on a bed in bedroom. Finca Vigia, Cuba.

Ernest Hemingway poses with a water buffalo in Africa, 1953-1954.

Ernest Hemingway fighting a Bull in Pamplona, Spain (pictured in front of the horns of the bull). Hemingway was participating in “The Amateurs” in 1925, one year before the publication of “The Sun Also Rises.”

Ernest Hemingway with unidentified man and a sculpture of Hemingway’s bust, 1948.

La Floridita, Havana, Cuba. Roberto Herrera, Byra “Puck” Whittlesey, John “Bumby” Hemingway, Spencer Tracy, Ernest Hemingway, and Mary Hemingway, circa 1955.

Ernest Hemingway outside of his home, Finca Vigia, San Francisco de Paula, Cuba.

Ernest Hemingway in Africa with Mount Kilimanjaro in background.

Front page of the Daily Mirror falsely claiming that Ernest Hemingway and Mary Hemingway died in a plane crash in Africa.

Ernest Hemingway and Mary Hemingway arm in arm, hunting. Africa, 1953.

Ernest Hemingway and others pose with a shark. Bimini, Bahamas, circa 1935.

Ernest Hemingway signing an autograph at a bullfight in Aranjuez, Spain Spain, 1953-1960.

Telegram from Dr. Anders Osterling of the Swedish Academy, notifying Ernest Hemingway that he has been awarded the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Ernest Hemingway’s receipt for books purchased at La Bohemia bookstore in Havana, Cuba, 1944. The books include John Hersey’s A Bell for Adano; Alexander Pushkin’s The Queen of Spades; Robert Standish’s Bonin: A Novel; and a “Diccionario militar.”

Bullfighting ticket stubs, attended by Ernest Hemingway

A letter from Kenya safari guide O.M. Rees to Ernest Hemingway, informing Ernest Hemingway that his hunting rifles are in the custody of Barclays Bank in Kenya. Rees also congratulates EH on the Nobel Prize.

Packing list for a trip to Cabo Blanco, Peru; this list includes clothing.

Packing list for a trip to Cabo Blanco, Peru, famous for the Cabo Blanco Fishing Club; this list includes mostly fishing equipment. Ernest Hemingway traveled to Cabo Blanco during the filming of The Old Man and the Sea.

Ernest Hemingway and waitstaff at Harry’s Bar, 1949.

“Papa’s Favorite Hamburger” recipe, with Mary Hemingway’s handwritten notes.

Ernest Hemingway in bathing suit on the beach. San Sebastian, Spain, 1929.

Ernest Hemingway at his home in Cuba, the Finca Vigia, circa 1947.

Hemingway’s Travel Bag: Black leather traveling bag with foreign stamps in French and Spanish attached to exterior surface.

Hadley Richardson in her wedding dress looking out the window on her wedding day in Horton Bay, MI, 3 September 1921.

Ernest Hemingway, Lauren Bacall, and Veronica Cooper (also known as Rock Cooper) drinking in a cafe. Cuba.

Ernest Hemingway and Antonio Ordonez behind bars drinking and laughing, 1959.

Ernest Hemingway (wearing beret) holds his son, Jack “Bumby” Hemingway, in their apartment in Paris, France, circa 1924.

Ernest and Martha Hemingway at the Stork Club, New York City, 1941.

Ernest Hemingway cleans his glasses outdoors, circa 1949.

Ernest Hemingway and Hadley Hemingway in Chamby, Switzerland, 1922.

Detail of photograph from Ernest Hemingway’s 1921 United States Passport, with his signature across the bottom of the image. Passport number 100585, with stamp and other writing at edges.

Ernest and Pauline Hemingway at the Hemingway’s Key West home.

Ernest Hemingway at Finca Vigia, Cuba.

Ernest Hemingway at his home in Cuba, circa 1953, standing in front of a 1929 portrait of himself by Waldo Pierce.

Ernest Hemingway below a statue of Neptune at the entrance to Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Place) in Venice, Italy.

Hemingway once sent F. Scott Fitzgerald a typescript of A Farewell to Arms. Fitzgerald sent back ten pages of edits and comments, signing off with “A beautiful book it is!” You can see Hemingway’s first reaction above (signed EH). In later drafts, it seems, he took some of Fitzgerald’s advice to heart.

John “Bumby” Hemingway and Gertrude Stein. Paris, 1924.

(Photos © The JFK Presidential Library and Museum, via Messy Nessy Chic)



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