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August 20, 2015

15 Vintage Photographs of Pablo Picasso and His Two Wives

Pablo Picasso was known as a romantic sheikh. He married for the first time with Olga Khokhlova on 12 June 1918, and with Jacqueline Roque on 2 March 1961. Below are some romantic and interesting vintage photos of everyday life of Picasso and his two wives.

Picasso with Olga in his London scene-painter’s workshop, 1919

Pablo Picasso pictured with his wife Olga, 1919

Olga, Pablo, Paulo Picasso, 1923

Mrs. Errazuriz, Picasso and Olga to the ball of Beaumont Count, 1924

Ricardo Viñes, Olga Picasso, Picasso and painter Manolo Ortiz Angeles to a ball of Count Etienne de Beaumont, 1924

Picasso and Jacqueline, ca. 1955

Jacqueline trying to teach Picasso a ballet routine, California, c.1957

Picasso adjusting a necklace he made for Jacqueline, c.1957

Picasso adjusting a necklace he made for Jacqueline, c.1957

Picasso and Jacqueline sharing lunch at home with Lump - the dachshund, 1957

Picasso gave Jacqueline a kiss, c.1959

Picasso and Jacqueline share a laugh outside their home, 1960.

Picasso, with his dalmatian and second wife Jacqueline Roque, sits in his studio, 1960

Picasso and Jacqueline, 1961

Pablo Picasso and his wife Jacqueline entertaining friends at the party during which he died in Mougins, France, April 8, 1973



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