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July 9, 2015

26 Vintage Photos of Bathing Beauties of New York City in the Past

These are black and white vintage photos that show NYC's beautiful girls in swimsuits in the past.

A pretty lifeguard stands at her post where she keeps a sharp eye over revelers causing a commotion at Riverside Cascades Pool, 1938. (New York Daily News)

A group of women flaunt their stylish swimsuits while strolling along the Rockaway Beach boardwalk in 1938, much to the delight of nearby onlookers. (New York Daily News)

Nassau County's Jones Beach sparkles with gals donning the latest swimsuit styles, 1939. (New York Daily News)

Two beach babes working on their tans at Jones Beach in New York, ca. 1939. (New York Daily News)

One retro beach babe isn't afraid to get her feet wet while enjoying a day at Jones Beach, 1939. (New York Daily News)

This leggy lifeguard is supposed to have her eyes on the swimmers, but it’s the swimmers who have their eyes on her! Steeplechase Pool at Coney Island is full of people looking to cool off during the summer of 1942. (New York Daily News)

A bikini-clad gaggle of girls join hands as they take a dip in the cool waters of Coney Island, 1947. (Paul Bernius/New York Daily News)

Chris Holly is crowned "Miss Modern Venus" by the previous year's winner, Evelyn Peterson, as the lovely runners-up stand beside her. The competition took place in Steeplechase Park, Coney Island in 1947. (Engels/New York Daily News)

This sun bathing beauty flaunts her curves on the rocks of the Coney Island beach in 1954. (Johb Duprey/New York Daily News)

Matching sunbathers strike a pose while catching some rays on the Coney Island beach in 1955. (Frank Castoral/New York Daily News)

Three bathing beauties soaking up some summer sun on the roof atop the Hotel Sheraton in 1958. (Walter Engels/New York Daily News)

A woman dressed for warm weather makes sure she celebrates Independence Day with a bang, posing next to an enormous firecracker on July 4, 1959. (Gary Kagan/New York Daily News)

Six lovely ladies soak up the sunshine on the beach of Coney Island in 1960. (Ed Peters/New York Daily News)

Although the rocks don’t seem like a comfortable place to relax, this sunbather certainly draws the attention of other beachgoers as she catches some rays in 1964. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)

These sea sirens find their place in the sun as they bask on large rocks on the beach of Coney Island in 1964. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)

A beachgoer rocks a teeny weeny polka dot bikini as she looks out at the Coney Island beach in 1965. (Jim Garrett/New York Daily News)

A line of lovely beachgoers pose together on the sunny beach of Coney Island in 1965. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)

This sunbathing beauty stretches out on the rocks of Coney Island to work on her tan in 1965. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)

A lovely lady tops off her tan while sitting at Pier 44 along the Hudson River, 1966. (New York Daily News)

A bikini-clad beachgoer gives a friendly wave as she stands proudly on a rock in Coney Island in 1966. (Dan Farrell/ New York Daily News)

This sunbather catches some rays as she shows off her curves on the beach of Coney Island in 1966. (Gene Kappock/New York Daily News)

With beachgoers as far as the eye can see, two scantily dressed swimmers stand out in the foreground in Coney Island in 1966. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)

Two women run through the water in Coney Island on the first day of summer in 1968, where a whopping 450,000 people showed up to take advantage of the summer solstice. (Tom Middlemiss/New York Daily News)

This bikini-clad beachgoer hops up into the stand during a lifeguard strike in Coney Island in 1968. (Charles Frattini/New York Daily News)

She's just an all-American girl! A patriotic beachgoer proudly sports her stars and stripes while celebrating the 4th of July on the beach in 1973. (Ed Molinari/New York Daily News)

Two beach babes turn heads on the Coney Island boardwalk in 1974. (Ed Molinari/New York Daily News)

(via New York Daily News)


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