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March 16, 2015

10 Interesting Vintage Photos of Motorcycles in the 1920s

A wireless set on a motorcycle and sidecar. Date: 09/04/1929.

A Greengrocer enjoys a cigarette as he drives down the street with his London ‘shop’. Date: 02/02/1929.

Bert Denly, racing motor cyclist,on his Norton 1927 Model 18 500 cc ohv at Brooklands. Date: 01/05/1928.

T.E. Lawrence, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, on his Brough Superior motorcycle. Date: 26/03/1927.

Aircraftsman Thomas Edward Shaw on his motorcycle; a Brough Superior SS100. Date: 26/03/1927.

Marjorie Cottle putting finishing touches on her motorcycle. Date: 07/08/1926.

Albert “Bert” Denly, Motorcyclist, practising at the Brooklands circuit on his Model 18 Norton. The boys in the image are unidentified. Date: 06/04/1925.

The two Royal Princes, Prince Albert, foreground, and Prince Henry, at Cambridge University use motorcyles to go to lectures. Date: 13/02/1920.

English engineer, Sir Charles Parsons (left) surveys his new invention, a new motorcycle engine, as members of the British Association of Scientists take a keen interest. Thomas Edgar Lewis is seen holding the machine. Date: 26/08/1920

Signor Davide Cislaghi with his one wheel motorcycle called the “Monowheel” which is capable of speeds up to 40 mph. The trials have proved a success and the machine will soon be on the market. Date: 01/01/1923.

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