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February 23, 2015

Vintage Bike Scenes

The bicycle had the potential to become a major means of environmentally-friendly transportation in the United States. Unfortunately, it never happened. The bicycle was relegated to become a vehicle used primarily for recreation (exercise) and for juvenile transportation. Today in the 21st century U.S., over half of bicycle use is for recreational riding (including exercise). Only about 1/2 percent of workers use it to get to work. Here, below is a collection of 50 interesting photos of bike scenes in the past, via LIFE archives.

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  1. What has the historical perspective to do with judging the past?
    So you said in your first comment that it is not okay to judge the past because it is the past.
    Now tell me please why this should make sense?
    Does it make things any better not to reflect the past?
    It is hard to take you serious aswell because instead of bringing the argument forward you decide to downgrade opinions that differ from yours as "juvenile" and as an attempt to prevent free speech.
    Is this your real opinion? That these cards aren't racist or insulting?




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