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December 16, 2014

20 Black and White Portraits of Women with Cigarettes From the 1920s

A smoking suit for women, 1922. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

A lady wearing a smoking suit, reading a newspaper by the fireplace, 1922. (Photo by Firmin/Getty Images)

Two girls sharing a cigarette after a swim, 1925. (Photo by Henry Guttmann/Getty Images)

Aquatic smoking at Scarborough, north Yorkshire, 1919. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

A woman smoking two cigarettes simultaneously with an elegant cocktail cigaratte holder, 1931. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

A woman smokes a cigarette while holding a cocktail glass in the other hand, ca. 1930. (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images).

A Santa Proud smoking suit being modelled, 1928. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

American journalist Louise Bryant poses for a portrait while wearing a Russian costume with decorated Western cowboy boots, sitting with her knees drawn up, smoking a cigarette, ca. 1918. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Madge Bellamy, the stage name of Margaret Philpott (1899–1990) the American general purpose actress of the 20s. She was a former dancer and beauty queen. Pictured in languid pose, smoking a cigarette, using a long cigarette holder, ca. 1928. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images).

A woman smoking a large cigarette and wearing ruffles at collar and cuff, ca. 1926. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

A gentleman offering his partner a cigarette, 1928. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

Actress Marjorie Brooks smoking a cigarette in a long cigarette holder in a production of The High Road, 1927. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

Glamorous Australian dancer Dorothy Blanchard smoking a cigarette, ca.1925. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

For todays fashionable woman, pipe smoking is now favoured over the more traditional cigarette, ca. 1922. (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images)

The Australian beauty Dorothy Blanchard, who has just left London to join the Ziegfeld Follies, smoking a cigarette whilst reclining on a sumptuous bed, ca. 1925. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

Actress Margaret Campbell, wearing a fur-trimmed outfit with matching slippers, smoking a cigarette, ca. 1928. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

British character actress Enid Stamp-Taylor (1904–1946) smoking with a long cigarette holder, 1926. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

Enid Stamp-Taylor smoking a cigarette while wearing a cloche hat designed by Lincoln Bennett, 1927. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

Actress Betty Langford smoking with a cigarette holder, 1927. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

Three friends enjoying cigarettes, ca. 1920. (Photo by George C. Beresford/Getty Images)


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