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October 10, 2014

Vintage Photos of 14 NYC Bridges Under Construction

During the 19th and 20th centuries, the City of New York took the initiative to improve inter-borough connectivity by building several bridges. Here's a collection of 15 vintage photographs showing different aspects of how the bridges were mid-construction.

Brooklyn Bridge (East River Bridge), c. 1872-1883 (Wikimedia Commons)

Manhattan Bridge, 1909 (NYC Municipal Archives)

Williamsburg Bridge, c. 1900-1906 (Library of Congress)

Kosciuszko (Meeker Avenue) Bridge, 1939 (NYC Municipal Archives)

Hamilton Avenue Bridge (Gowanus Canal), 1933 (Brooklyn Library)

155th Street Viaduct (The Riviera)

Henry Hudson Bridge (Spuyten Duyvil Creek), 1936 (Wikimedia Commons)

High Bridge (Harlem River), 1927 (Li Saltzman Architects)

Outerbridge Crossing (Arthur Kill), 1927 (Port Authority Archive)

Wards Island Bridge (Harlem River), c.1950 (The Daily News)

Washington Bridge (Harlem River) (Historic Bridges)

Queensboro Bridge (Blackwell’s Island Bridge), 1907

Hell’s Gate Bridge (Queens and Randall’s Island), 1915 (Library of Congress)

Verrazano Bridge, 1963

(via Untapped Cities)

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