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October 10, 2014

Rare and Funny Photos of John Lennon Hanging Out With His Friends, ca. 1955

John Lennon always loved being part of a group. These were his mates, for better or worse.

From left to right: Pete Shotton, Bill Turner, John Lennon and Len Garry.

John Lennon (left upside-down) with friends Pete Shotton, Bill Turner & Len Garry. John and Pete formed a skiffle group called the Blackjacks, later changed to the Quarrymen.


  1. I had to go back and read what the assignment was again. It said "show us the United States outside of the big cities and the well-known tourist spots. Show us what it's like to live there for ordinary people." Yet the only thing "outside of big cities and tourist spots" where three pictures of southern slums, and two pictures of "ordinary" people that were not in big cities. The rest were five in NYC, five in the well-known gambling towns of Reno, Las Vegas, and Virginia City, six in San Francisco (and I don't consider the Nazi as representative of "ordinary people"). The rest were other big cities and tourist spots.

  2. Honest Joe liked him so big letter advertising!

    Some really fine shots in the group, but would have liked to have seen more from other major cities and certainly more of rural America.




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