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August 16, 2014

Vintage Photos of Afghan Camel Drivers in Queensland, Australia

European exploration and settlement of inland Australia depended heavily on the expertise of Muslim cameleers from Afghanistan and British India. During the late 19th century their network of transport routes opened up the arid interior, and they were often seen working through the interior parts of Queensland. The women in the Queensland outback looked forward to a visit from the Afghan camelleers and hawkers. They brought news, haberdashery and household items.

Group of Afghani men in national dress

Camel driver and a caravan of camels returning home

Afghan cameleer escorts Mrs Walter Lawrence Silver on the wallaby track, ca. 1904

Afghan Emeute at Richmond, ca. 1907

Afghan Emeute at Richmond, ca. 1907

Camel team coming over to Birdsville led by the camel driver, ca. 1926

Camel train of the Afghan hawker, Amedulah Khan, ca. 1901

Woman and child on a camel in the Hughenden district

Camels and their Afghan drivers loaded with goods for the treck between Bourke and Cunnamulla, ca. 1895

Unloading the camel team in front of the store at Boulia, ca. 1895

Horse and camel team, Cloncurry, ca. 1904

Petti Khan's camel at Canobie Station, ca. 1895

(via State Library of Queensland, Australia)


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