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August 16, 2014

Ellen O’Neal – The Greatest Woman Freestyle Skateboarder in the 1970s

Ellen O’Neal is the godmother of female pro skateboarding who proved that skaters aren’t just a group of delinquents living in Venice Beach and helped bring the sport into the mainstream by skating on the Wonder Woman TV show.

Born and raised in Southern California, Ellen had only been skating for a year before she was sponsored by Gordon & Smith, Bennett Trucks, and Vans. Here are some of interesting photographs of Ellen O’Neal taken by Jim Goodrich in the 1970s.

Mission Bay 1978

ElleCatalina ballroom

Daffy Spin 1977

GS Team PB Surf Shop 1977

Ellen Oneal, Venezuela, Alva-Gelfand-McGill-Rocco-Scroggs-Oneal, 1979

Catalina 1978



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