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August 5, 2014

Amazing World War One Images Transformed into Color

On August 4, 1914, the world changed. The “war to end all wars” began and cost the lives of millions of people – not just soldiers but civilians too. Photo expert Mike Price at Liverpool Echo found some emotive images from the archive on mirrorpix and colorized them up, to breathe new life into the images.

After finding an image, Mike spent upwards of four to five hours on each image, putting color into the old black and white photographs. Here are the results of his efforts.

British official observes from a distance the destruction of an ammunition dump before retreating from the advancing German army. April 1918.

Female road sweepers cleaning the streets of Liverpool as the men are away fighting. 21st March 1916.

Carrying party of the 1/7th King's Liverpool Regiment, 156th Brigade, 55th division bringing up rations in containers to the men in the trenches in the La Bassee Canal Sector. 15 March 1918.

King George V visits the Western Front. France. World War One. 26th July 1917. The King picks up a Boche helmet.

A British Cavalry Scout on alert. This image shows the care our men take of their horses, for although the horse has only a slight injury he is well bandaged. Circa November 1914.

Members of the Scots Fusiliers are seen taking cover in front of a German trench they had just charged and captured. 16 June 1915.

As the sun rose over the distant hills heralding the dawn of another day it revealed the lonely figure of a British sentry standing at his post. The picture was taken "somewhere in France." March 20th 1915.

British soldier giving a light to a German prisoner of war. September 1914.

Soldiers from the Kings Liverpool Regiment listening to the news being read out as they wait in their trench during World War One. 1918.

A sergeant of the Lancashire Fusiliers in a flooded trench opposite Messines near Ploegsteert Wood. January 1917.

(via Liverpool Echo)


  1. Terrific Photos, the Colour is outstanding!

  2. post the unedited original images for comparison




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